How to Sell Your Videos Online – the 5 Requirements

sellvideoonlineDo you make videos for sale? Are you selling videos on DVDs and want to sell your videos online?

Selling videos online is not as straight forward as uploading your video content on your website for customers to download after they make payment.

Like DVDs, you want to protect your video content from being easily duplicated. You want to copy-protect your video.

You may also want to decide on the payment method.  Unlike DVDs, where customers buy it once and can watch over and over, you may consider pay-per-view method.

In this article,  you will discover the 5 requirements you need to think about if want to sell your videos online.

  1. Web Hosting Service. The videos you want to sell will have to be uploaded in the servers of a web hosting provider.  From here,  your customers can download or stream the videos.  Not all web hosting providers meet the requirement of serving videos.  The web hosting provider must have the capability and services like audio/video streaming and digital rights management (DRM).
  2. Digital Rights Management (DRM). Digital Rights Management refers to the access control technology that can be used by copyright holders to impose limitations on the usage of digital content.  It allows you to sell your streaming videos using a business model that prevents anyone from accessing  the file without first having to pay.  DRM can prevent unauthorized access or downloads of your videos online.
  3. Payment Method. There are 2 popular payment methods for selling videos online, subscription and pay-per-view.  For the subscription method, customers can access content again and again as long as monthly subscription is paid.  For the pay-per-view method, customers pay for every video download.  You choose which payment method suits your market best.
  4. Shopping Cart Software. You will require a shopping cart software that can sell DRM videos and handle the payment method you choose.  Preferably, the shopping cart must be able to accept credit cards and Paypal, offer digital downloads, provides keyword optimization and give out coupons.  The most common type is the e-commerce PHP shopping cart which you can also use to sell tangible hard goods.
  5. Affiliate Program. Putting your videos out there on the web does not guarantee they will sell.  You will still need some form of marketing and the most inexpensive and effective form of marketing is word-of-mouth.  With an affiliate program built into a shopping cart, you can set a sales comission rate to encourage other people to help you sell.  All they need to do is spread the word and give out a unique website link to your video sales page.

The easiest way to achieve these 5 requirements is to look for a web hosting service provider that allows you to upload and download streaming DRM videos, as well as offer shopping carts that can handle DRM products, provide a choice of payment methods and with an affiliate program built in.  With these technical requirements for selling videos online taken care of, all that is left for you to do is to concentrate on producing great video content that people want to buy.

Here are some web hosting sites that make selling videos online easy:

  1. $99/month. **has everything above.
  2.$99/year FREE as from January 2012! **very promising concept
  3. $59/month for 5000 licences.
  4.  From $100/month.

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