The Upcoming Videography Course is at International Plaza on 20-21 January 2016

Are you a Business Owner or Marketing Professional looking to make a web video for your company?

Are you interested in saving time and money by learning how to produce your own video in-house?

Join me for 2 days of intense, entertaining and informative training on 20 and 21 January 2016.

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“2-day Videography and Video Editing Course in Singapore”

2-day Videography Course in Singapore

In this workshop, you will discover:
1 — The Process of Video Production and Videography
2 — The Camera and the 7 Core Camera Skills for Video
3 — Sound Recording and Video Lighting Techniques
4 — How to Set Up a Mini Green Screen Studio
5 — Video Editing Computers, Software, and Effects.
6 — Basic Video Editing Using Adobe Premiere Elements.
7 — YouTube and Web Video Publishing.

…and more bonus (unannounced) topics!

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Adrian Lee
Camera and Video Editing Coach

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Cheap Portable Teleprompter for Video Camera

Are you looking to improve your video presentations? Do you want to look more professional in your YouTube videos? Make your videos the professional way by using a teleprompter.

  • Read scrolling texts while looking directly into the camera.
  • Save time and money by not having to memorize your lines.
  • Your presentations look personal and natural.

Cheap Portable Teleprompter for Video Camera

  1. iPad Teleprompter for Video Camera
  2. iPhone Teleprompter for Video Camera
  3. iPad Teleprompter for DLSR Camera
  4. Android Tablet and Smartphone Teleprompter
  5. Free Teleprompter Apps for Android and Apple

1. iPad Teleprompter for Video Camera – US$174.95

iPad iPad2 iPad3 iPad4 iPad Mini Teleprompter R810-10 with Beam Splitter Glass

2. iPhone Teleprompter for Video Camera – US$154.95

R810-4.1 Teleprompter (With Beam Splitter Glass) + Brackets to Use Iphone Camera

3. iPad Teleprompter for DSLR Camera – US$150

Parrot Teleprompter – Ultra Portable Professional Teleprompter for Camcorders and DSLR Cameras (With Beam Splitter Glass)

4. Android Tablet and Smartphone Teleprompter – US$174.95

Android Tablet and Smartphone Teleprompter R810.1 with Beam Splitter Glass

5. Teleprompter Apps for Android and Apple

HitFilm 4 Pro – the Next Generation Video Editing Software

  • HitFilm released a a new version of its flagship video editing and visual effects software, HitFilm 4 Pro.
  • New features for creating high quality visual effects.
  • Includes powerful video editor and advanced 3D animation controls.
  • For Video Makers who also need to be the video editor, visual effects artist and colorist at the same time.
  • Designed for both beginners and experts.
  • Use it to make short films to documentaries, commercials to vlogging.
  • Available for download at US$349 for both Mac and PC.
  • One license can be used on up to 3 computers.
  • You can also download HitFilm 3 Express for free!
  • Check out HitFilm YouTube Channel

HitFilm 4 Pro - the Next Generation Video Editing Software


EasyVSL – Easy Video Sales Letter Creation Software

EasyVSL - Easy Video Sales Letter MakerHave you seen websites with sales videos that is mostly text and someone reading it?

They look like text slides created with PowerPoint and then converted to a video.

Have you ever wanted or tried to create something like that for your product and service?

I have been making sales videos for clients and we know it takes days to complete.

There is a software that can help you make a video sales letter faster.

It’s even easier than creating a Powerpoint presentation.

It is called EasyVSL.


Here are some features that I like…

  • Runs on both Mac and PC – Both Mac users and  PC users can download and use the software.
  • No need other software – No need Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Elements, Final Cut Pro or any other program.
  • Quick to learn and use – No need to take months to learn and use the software because it is not complicated like the others.
  • Faster than PowerPoint – At first glance, it looks like PowerPoint, but its simple point and click interface makes creating a video presentation a lot faster.
  • Make a video almost instantly – While others take days and weeks to make a video, you can do it in under 10 minutes.
  • User-friendly – Speech to text typing, automatic slide creation, no need to enter text slide by slide and more.
  • Animated transition effects – Makes your presentation dynamic and engaging.
  • Insert other video clips –  You can insert video created elsewhere into the software.
  • Easier than video editing software – Imagine writing the script and transforming it into a video straight away.
  • VoiceBunny integration – You can read your own script and record your voice, otherwise you can use the integrated professional voices from VoiceBunny.
  • Sync voice to slides easily – Just add markers on the voice audio clip and the slide will sync itself to the correct timing.
  • Output format in MP4 –  MP4 is the most widely supported web video format which I encourage my students to use.


Just follow the 7 easy steps…

1. Choose a template design.

2. Paste your text or script.

3. Split text to individual slides.

4. Adjust effects and styles.

5. Add the voice audio file.

6. Sync audio to the slides.

7. Publish and export the MP4 video.


Limited-time Promo Price is US$47 (usual US$97).

Check the product website to see if the limited-time promo is still on…

Are there any recurring charges? No. At least not for now, it is a one time investment with lifetime upgrade and enhancements.


For the Business Owner – You have always been asking me to teach you how to make this type of video (Video Sales Letter). You know that  it takes a lot of time to do it yourself and a lot of money hiring someone to do it. So EasyVSL Video Sales Letter Creation software is definitely for you. Save time and money.

For the Professional Videographer – Make life easier for yourself when producing Video Sales Letters for clients. Your clients will appreciate the speediness. Get the EasyVSL Video Sales Letter Creation software.

For the others – If you only need to make a Video Sales Letter one time, then hire a Professional Videographer to do it. Otherwise you can still do it on your own with PowerPoint and Adobe Premiere Elements combined.


Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. I would love to hear from you.

Adrian Lee
Videography and Video Editing Coach

PS: Just so you know, I make a tiny commission when you purchase through the links above.  Thank you so much!

Introducing Adobe Premiere Elements 14 Video Editing Software

On the October month of every year, this interruption is sure to happen.

Just when I am ready to teach my October class, Adobe jumps out at me.

All my video editing workshop slides are ready, but a new version is here.

Introducing the new Adobe Premiere Elements 14 video editing software.

What is Adobe Premiere Elements?

I recommend it if you want to edit your videos easily yet professionally.

Premiere Elements is the “small brother” of the high-end Premiere Pro.

It has some similarities with the pro version, hence the reason I like it.

Elements cost US$99, while the Pro costs US$799 or US$20/month.

Should you upgrade from previous versions?

If you already have version 12 or 13, do you need the new 14 upgrade?

I would say no need to upgrade, unless you want these new features.

  • Motion Titles – Animated title templates and presets.
  • 4K Editing – Must have if your camera records at 4K.

There are more enhancements, but in my opinion, they are very minor.

Is Adobe Premiere Elements 14 for you?

If you are a corporate or government agency, go for the PRO version.
Why? You should have the budget and manpower to edit videos daily.

If you are a small business or solo entrepreneur, go for ELEMENTS.
Why? You are already busy enough and want to keep things simple.

Find out more.  Check out Adobe Premiere Elements 14 [download].

Adobe Premiere Elements 14

Please leave a comment or question in the comment box below.

Are You Using YouTube Cards to Promote Your Products

Are You Using YouTube Cards to Promote Your Products

Did you know YouTube has a feature called “Cards”?

With Cards, you can link directly to your website.

Imagine linking a video straight to your product.

YouTube is providing this free for business owners.

Look at this example of my own video with a card.

Hover and click the “i” on the top right corner.

See a card pop out from the right, then click it.

If you haven’t done it yet, add cards to your videos now.

Would like me to show you how to add cards in YouTube?

Introducing Easy Sketch Pro 3 Doodle Video Maker

Are you still looking for the ultimate doodle video animation maker software?

Easy Sketch Pro has been around for some time, but I did not recommend it.

Until version 3 came along, it is now a worthy choice to add to your tool set.

It is purely a DOODLE animation creator as I wrote in this comparison post.

Because it does only one thing, it does it well, hence makes it SIMPLE to use.

So what’s so great about version 3?  It now has an INTERACTIVE video player.

You can create CALL-TO-ACTION links right inside and anywhere in the video.

No more need to tell viewers to click links outside the video or type out a URL.

Check out the video demo below to see exactly how Easy Sketch Pro works…

Introducing Easy Sketch Pro Doodle Video Maker


Introducing Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 4K Camera

I am adding this camera to my list of recommended models.

Introducing the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 4KCamera.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000

I keep reading positive reviews about its video capabilities.

Let’s go deeper to see if the Panasonic FZ1000 is for you.

  • A Bridge Camera. It is known as a bridge camera, which sits between compact cameras and larger DSLRs.
  • Popular 2nd Camera. This is a popular second camera among event videographers in the US. Read about my One-man Multi-cam Video Shooting Method.
  • Fast Autofocus. Don’t listen to people that preach you to use manual focus. When you can automate, use it… especially if it’s fast.
  • 1-inch 21MP Sensor.  That’s huge, though smaller than APS-C.  That means less grainy pictures in the dark. Video Camcorders in the 1″ range will cost thousands.
  • Shoots 4K. This is my favourite part, though all cameras are going 4K now. If it’s not 4K, it’s not on my recommended list.
  • Shoots MP4 and AVCHD.  Sometimes you just want to upload to the web right after shooting.  MP4 is best for maintaining picture quality in a small file size.  AVCHD is the regular huge nearly-raw file format.
  • Slow Motion 120fps and time Lapse.  Video is about motion, so slow motion and time-lapse is a must-have, though my iPhone can do 240fps slomo.
  • Better than Sony.  Claimed by many to be better than the Sony EA-50 which costs 4x more and its competitor Sony RX10.
  • Easy Buttons. Function buttons and control knobs are easy to access for getting good shots quickly
  • 16x Zoom Lens.  It comes with a fixed lens by Leica 25-400mm F2.8-4.0. I love this coz you don’t have to carry multiple lenses.  They are all there in one body from wide (25mm) to tele zoom (400mm).

Happy so far? Before you buy one now, explore the downsides too.

  • Manual Zoom.  Being a still camera first, this camera is not designed for smooth electronic zooming in and out.
  • Darker When Zoomed. The aperture fades away as you zoom out. So the picture gets darker. Happens when there is not enough light.
  • Not So Great DOF. Compared with larger sensor cameras, the Depth of Field is not very shallow.  That means everything is clear and no blur background.  That’s actually good. Isn’t it?
  • No headphones Jack.  You can plug in an external microphone, but you cannot hear what you are recording until after the recording.

The FZ1000 was introduced in June 2014 and is now US$750.

If you are a professional videographer, this makes a good 2nd cam.

If your main job is not making video, this is a quality simple camera.

Check out more about the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 here.