Three Ways to Video Record a Lecture and the Slides

A client asked me face-to-face to propose the quickest way to shoot a lecture with the slides without wasting time editing, so it can be uploaded to the web soonest… and with a tiny budget. Here’s the situation… the client is currently hiring me to shoot raw only. Their multimedia production team will edit the final video. Here’s one […]

AdrianLee One-man Two-cam Method

Adobe Premiere Elements 13 Quad Split Screen

Making a Quad Split Screen in Adobe Premiere Elements 13

A “quad split screen” is a video showing four clips at the same time and here’s how it’s done in Adobe Premiere Elements.  Watch the video… Step-by-step : I have already imported the four video clips into Premiere Elements. Drag the first video clip from Project Assets panel onto Video 1 track in the […]

Testing the New Trace Animation Effect in Apple Keynote

Apple released its new Keynote in October 2014, in line with OS X Yosemite. What got me curious is the new Trace Animation effect. I created a sample Keynote presentation slide to test the new Trace Animation. Watch my video recording… Steps: On a slide, insert a text box with texts, and go to Animate […]

Apple Keynote Trace Animation Effect

Download Premiere Elements 13 Trial on Mac

Downloading Premiere Elements 13 Trial on Mac

Here’s how to download the 30-day trial version of Adobe Premiere Elements 13. Watch the video… There will be a watermark in the middle of every video imported and exported. Learn how to edit your business video with it and if you like it, purchase here. Adrian Lee

Adobe Premiere Elements 13 Replaces 12

Premiere Elements 13 is the quick and easy version of the professional Premiere Pro. New features? “Shake Stabilizer” to smooth out shaky video footage. “Favorite Moments” to mark the best part of a clip, and hence save time on trimming and assembling footage. “Video in Titles” to add video footage into a title. Plus many […]

Adobe Premiere Elements 13 Release

iPhone 6 Camera, IKEA Viral Video, Instagram Hyperlapse

iPhone 6 Camera, IKEA Viral Video, Instagram Hyperlapse

This week in videography… #1 The iPhone 6 Video Camera   Apple introduced two new iPhone Models. The iPhone 6 and the bigger iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 has a screen size of 4.7 inches and iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 inches. The screen resolutions are 1334×750 pixels and 1920×1080 pixels. Both the iPhone 6 […]

Videography Notes Today: RODE VideoMic Pro, BuzzFeedVideo Formula, Sony Alpha a5100

Note #1: Filming a Mascara New Product Pre-launch Yesterday The venue is Sephora ION, Orchard Road.  The time is 8.30am.  The staff inside the store are busily setting up. The store’s roller shutter doors are shut.  Outside the store is a long queue of people waiting.  I asked the first one what time she start queueing.  She […]

Videography Notes Today: RODE VideoMic Pro, BuzzFeedVideo Formula, Sony Alpha a5100