This Week in Videography – GoPro, Drones and Selfie Sticks   Recently updated !

Here’s the top 10 round up of this week’s product news snippets in the Videography world. Action camera GoPro is reported working on its own line of drones and may launch them in 2015. The most talked about quadcopter drone among Professional Videographers is the DJI Phantom. A source said commercial pilots in the US spotted almost 100 […]

GoPro Drones and Selfie Sticks

Why Green Screen And Not Another Color

Why Green Screen and Not Another Colour

Green screen filming is used for replacing the background of the actor. This is how Superman fly over buildings and real actors walk inside cartoons. The actor is filmed in front of a green wall or green sheet or green screen. The green background is replaced live or edited away during post production. Why Only Green Can […]

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Video Camera Specs Reactions

Canon released the EOS 7D Mark II on 15 September 2014. It is the successor of EOS 7D introduced five years ago. As a Videographer, my interest is the video specifications. First the Feature Highlights, a.k.a. selling points: 20.2MP APS-C CMOS Sensor Dual DIGIC 6 Image Processors 3.0″ 1.04m-Dot Clear View II LCD Monitor Full […]

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Video Specs Reactions

Rejoin Multiple MTS Files Without Glitch in Premiere Pro CC

Rejoin Multiple MTS Files Without Glitch in Premiere Pro CC   Recently updated !

This problem happens when we shoot long videos that stretch for hours. We cannot stop the video camera when recording a lecture or seminar. When it’s time to edit the footage, we expect ONE very big video file. BUT glitch happens, and I am going to show you how to overcome it. Instead of one, […]

Removing Background Noise in Adobe Premiere Elements 13

Here’s a quick tip on how to remove background audio noise from a video recording using Adobe Premiere Elements 13. Presuming your Premiere Elements video editing project is open, do the following seven steps. Step 1: Click on Effects tab in the Action Bar below. Step 2: Click on the category selection box. Step 3: […]

Removing Background Noise in Adobe Premiere Elements 13

How to Get to YouTube Free Online Video Editor

How to Get to YouTube Online Video Editor   Recently updated !

Last week I conducted a live workshop on video editing for beginners. The session was held at the client’s place for an I.T. interest group. Since this is for beginners, I chose to use a software accessible to all. The YouTube Video Editor is available on both Apple and Microsoft computers. There is nothing download […]

4K vs HD vs SD and Why Should You Care

If you are into video making, then you must know about this new (2014) term called “4K”. When you visit electronics stores, you will see TVs and cameras touting “4K” capability. Another name for “4K” is “UHD” which stands for Ultra High Definition or just Ultra HD. So what exactly is “4K”? What does it […]

4K vs HD vs SD