2-day Videography Course - Singapore

[Workshop] Register Early for the Next Videography Course in Singapore on 7 and 8 October 2015

Are you a Business Owner or Marketing Professional looking to make a web video for your company? Are you interested in saving time and money by learning how to produce your own video in-house? Join me for 2 days of intense, entertaining and informative training on 7 and 8 October 2015. Register here >>> http://videolane.com/courses/basic-videography/ “2-day Videography and Video […]

Best Storyboard Software

Which Storyboard Software is Best for Business Videos

The storyboard software that I like to use best is also free of charge! I used it with many clients to communicate my visual and script ideas. This tool is useful throughout all three phases of video production. A storyboard is a series of pictures representing scenes in the video. Using the same software, I write the script or […]

Download Video from Any Website

How to Download Video from Any Streaming Website

I have a self-produced video uploaded to my Tumblr blog account. Today, that video is needed for a project, but I don’t have a copy. So I went back to Tumblr and discovered the video was not retrievable. There is an App for that! As usual, I scoured the web for help and found a wonderful […]

Comfortable on Camera

Getting Someone Comfortable On Video Camera

How do you make a subject expert, who has no presentation skills, feel comfortable in front of the video camera? How do you make him/her look and sound natural when shooting your expert instructional video or product demonstration? I shoot this type of video all the time. This is what worked for me. Getting someone comfortable […]


Voice Over Talents

Here’s a list of websites where you can hire male and female voice over talents online. Check out their audio samples, price, duration, terms and conditions. http://www.voiceovers.com.sg/ http://voice123.com/ https://www.fiverr.com/gigs/voiceover http://www.voicebank.net/ https://www.voices.com/ http://voicebunny.com/ https://studiocenter.com/ http://www.mandy.com/services/Voice-Overs Do you know any good voice over talent websites I can add to the list? In the feature image is the… […]


Are You Taking the Best Angle Where You Stand

  A young photographer asked me whether my standing position is the best camera angle to shoot.  She honestly said the reason she asked is so  she can stand at the same place to take her pictures.  My reply is that my angle is best for me but not for her as a videographer’s technique is […]


Making a Really Helpful Software Instructional Video 

  It makes me happy when my video helped someone.  This is a comment left on my YouTube video tutorial.  It says my instructions are better than the software’s.  Watch the video to see how I demonstrated a procedure.  Basically this is what I did beyond scripting, recording and editing.  Read the software’s instructions.  Carry out […]

Royalty-free Music Websites

Royalty-free Music Websites

Are you infringing copyright laws when using music in your videos? To stay safe, buy and use music classified under “royalty-free music”. Royalty-free music refers to a type of music licensing. The “free” does not mean you don’t have to pay anything. Instead you pay once for the music license and use it forever. BEWARE! […]


New Wheels for my Video Production Gear Luggage 

Birkley has travelled with me to Indonesia and Thailand many times for work. In Singapore, Birkley has been assisting me in video production and training. Today, Birkley needs to visit the hospital to fix his worn out body parts. Meet Birkley (watch the video)… Birkley is a Hard Luggage I bought at S$280 on October […]

How to Create a Back-to-back Merge Effect in Final Cut Pro X

[Video] How to Create a Back-to-back Merge Effect in Final Cut Pro X

  In this video, I answer a question from a viewer… “Just wondering if there is a way in Adobe After Effects or Premiere or Final Cut Pro X where this mirror effect works like this video… Please help me… ” After watching that video, I realized it is not a mirror effect (see picture above). It […]