7 New Features in Adobe Creative Cloud I Like

Especially for Premiere Pro and After Effects, these coming updates are… Premiere Pro and After Effects: Live Text Templates – Modify text in After Effects compositions without leaving Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro and After Effects: Masking and Tracking – Add feathered masks that follow a subject through a shot. Add an effect to a moving […]

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sony vegas pro 13

What’s New in Sony Vegas Pro 13

Sony released a new version of my favourite professional video editing software, the Sony Vegas Pro 13. Although I have switched to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Sony Vegas Pro remains the recommended software if you do not want to pay monthly subscription fees to Adobe and if you want to burn DVDs or Blu-rays. So what is new in […]

Video Editing Tips from PowerPoint 1

I read “PowerPoint 2013 for Dummies” and noticed the extra tips from the last chapter were very relevant to editing a business presentation video. Here’s the list, reworded for video. Save your work frequently. Every 2 to 3 minutes, press Ctrl+S. Save your project in its proper folder. So you can find them easier. Do […]

PowerPoint 2013 for Dummies

Exporting from Adobe Premiere Elements 12 for YouTube

Exporting from Elements 12 for YouTube

Here’s a draft of the last chapter from my forthcoming ebook on “The Easy Start Guide to Adobe Premiere Elements 12″. This guide takes you through the steps of editing a video to be uploaded on YouTube. Saving a project to a single video file is the last step in all video editing process. Download […]

Sony FDR-AX1 4K Video Camcorder Review

Priced below US$5,000, the Sony AX1 is an affordable 4K video camera for pros and amateur film makers. Will this be my next tool for business as a one-man-crew Videographer? I have been reading product reviews from various sources and here’s the summary of the feedback from real users, both positive and negative. What are […]

Sony FDRAX1 4K Camcorder

4k Video. What is it?

4k Video. What is it?

Remember when DVDs were introduced? They took over the blurry VHS tapes and pixelated VCDs. We were happy then. Next, came HD, or High Definition. Images were so sharp some of us were concerned about our tiniest pimples being recorded and played back for all to see clearly. On the way is 4k, which likely […]

3 High Quality DSLR Rigs 1

The 3 main advantages of using DSLR camera to shoot video are (1) beautiful shallow depth of field, (2) virtually no image grains under dim lighting, and (3) the same camera can take high-resolution still photos. The 3 main disadvantages of using DSLR camera to shoot video are (1) inability to shoot long duration (eg. […]

3 High Quality DSLR Rigs

5 Best Ads from Super Bowl 2014

5 Best Ads from Super Bowl 2014

Watch this year’s best Super Bowl TV Commercials, according to THE 5 BEST ADS FROM SUPER BOWL XLVIII. I love playing Super Bowl ads during my 2-day Videography Course for 3 reasons. Reason #1: These are commercials people want to watch over and over, instead of skipping. There is something to learn and apply if […]

Web Video for Dr Bernard Yeo

Here’s the completed web video production for Dr Bernard Yeo, founder of UCMHP Academy. Some like to call it the corporate video. I prefer to call it a marketing video. My favourite way of making a marketing video is via interviews at the client’s place. Interview style marketing videos are more real and convincing to […]

Web Video for Dr Bernard Yeo

The Pocket Drone by AirDroids

The Pocket Drone by AirDroids

This is an accessory I will add to my one-man-crew videography gear. Something small and lightweight that I can squeeze into my backpack. Something that can lift my camera up in the air for that aerial view shot. The Pocket Done by AirDroids is the world’s first remote control copter that is powerful enough to […]